Artist Tiffany Nickel


About the Art:

My figurative paintings represent real women, explore all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities and differences of the female form and sexuality. We live in a society that teaches women to hate and loathe their bodies and sexuality. We teach them that their pleasure is for the consumption of others. My work directly combats these paradigms through the provocative proposition that every nude body is worthy whole and complete just as it is. 

With each passionate brush stroke and color used, I aim to evoke reminders that the female form and her sexuality is the most breathtaking view on earth. The colors and illustrative nature of my paintings facilitate an unhindered appreciation of the feminine form without the shame or judgment that might be present in the day-to-day interactions with self or others.

About the Artist

Tiffany Nickel is a self-taught artist painting body and sex positive art. Her work is influenced from a background in somatic work, sex, and body love coaching, and kink education. She explores the body as an expressive language and aims to support women in claiming their autonomy after the world has tried to take it away. She finds inspiration during kink events, expressive movement and somatic experiences. Her artwork is entrenched in self awareness, expression and radical acceptance. 

Tiffany has curated and hosted 6 exhibitions in collaboration with other artists and businesses such as ColorUp (a multi-use healing space), Studio Friction (a sex positive shibari club), GRACe Studios (a Creative Community and Studio for artists), Museo De Las Americas (an art Gallery) and more. Each of these events raised funds for non-profits and domestic violence safe houses such as Latina Safe House, The Initiative, RAINN, Planned Parenthood, and PeaceWorks Inc. Tiffany has raised over 11 thousands dollars for safe houses and nonprofits that support women in reclaiming their autonomy after acts of violence.

Her work has been featured in multiple blogs and publications including, Colorado Springs Gazette, Outfront Magazine, Babes Who Hustle, Lady Boss International Blog, Suboart Magazine and others.