New Original Works

 I haven't produced a new solid series on canvas in a long while.

I slowed down, I went back to practicing so that pieces I paint, the women I paint, the stories I listen to have a chance to come out, in yummier, juicier and delicious ways. 

I painted these pieces over many, many months. Really diving into the process of putting a paintbrush to canvas again. Allowing myself to explore, play and bring to life these paintings and their deep meanings. 

Building their bodies, their environments layer by layer piece by piece. 

Having my friends open up deeper dialogue, encouraging me to expand and grow both in skills, and story telling. 

When you view these pieces, when you enjoy them, when you ponder adding them to your art collections. You are are allowing the narrative that ALL women, all bodies, all sexual and self expression is worthy of existing. That in each simple moment of our lives we are worthy of  living, and lasciviously existing in the bodies we have right now.





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